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We are trying to be sure the original photo/video owners get credit if we know who they belong to or find out who they belong to. Photos/videos will be found all over the internet, so there’s a chance they could belong to you or someone you know and won’t have a source credit on them. If this happens and you know who they belong to, please kindly let us know and we will gladly add credit to the post containing their original photos/videos.
Welcome to a source for all things Taylor Swift! We post edits, news, videos, and more. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and make sure to check out our family sites below for some of the best celebrity sources on tumblr!

We are not affiliated directly with Taylor, her band, family, management or friends. We are simply a group of fans trying to keep you updated. We do not own any of the pictures/videos on this blog unless we claim them as our own.

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